Please note: Our June 25th meeting shall be held at the ORMOND BEACH PUBLIC LIBRARY, 30 Beach Str. Ormond Beach, FL 32174. Start time for this event is 4:00 pm.

Our speaker is SANDY ADAMS who is running to fill the US HOUSE SEAT for DISTRICT #6 vacated by RON DeSANTIS who in turn will be running for the US SENATE SEAT vacated by MARCO RUBIO.

SANDY shall present her agenda along with; issues and topics that may be on the front burner. Please come prepared to listen. It may behoove you to write your questions/concerns now rather than wait till the meeting. If something comes to mind during her presentation you can always jot it down to ask.

We want for everyone to have the opportunity to ask their question, so please heed, once you ask your question we shall move on to the next person. If time allows we shall return to you. Please, hands up if you wish to be recognized. I am not loading this meeting with anything other than SANDY ADAMS presentation. We only have a two hour window and I want to be sure she has ample time for her material plus the Q/A period. We shall start our meeting right on time so please attempt to be there a lit bit earlier.

As usual, thank you for your fine cooperation. God bless America !!

Chuck Collins, President