For Check donations: Please make check and mail to:

P.O. BOX 2821
Ormond Beach, FL 32175

To donate by CREDIT CARD please call KEN SMITH at 386-566-2537

As you know we are in the election cycle and busy pursuing the right course of action to help elect CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES. That said, everything we touch cost money. Hence, the MOVIE at the lower part of this message will serve twofold; (a) A $10 per person donation to attend to help us with our goals and (b) a short entertaining lesson in History that many of us have forgotten and are repeating much to our chagrin.

I will narrate briefly at the beginning of the Move to familiarize you with the area and the events that followed thereafter.

We decided on APRIL 27th at 2:30 start time to allow everyone to get to their DINNER arrangement after we finish.

Now, you have two options. Scroll down to the “reserve your seat now” link and when clicked complete the information or, email KEN at and after you list your name/s let him know you are attending.

Our generous Pastor Neal Ganzel is permitting us to show this move at the COQUINA PBA Church 2085 W. Granada Blvd. Ormond Beach, 32174. Of course the prerequisite is that it carried no foul language as you find in today’s movies.

Ladies and Gents, this is for a great cause, “OUR CAUSE” to hopefully save our COUNTY/STATE/REPUBLIC.

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Events!! These events are open to the public so please forward this email and invite your friends!   Saturday April 27th at 2:30pm   Who is ready for some fun? First stop Movie Night! A 1953 hit movie staring, “Malta Story” Sir Alec Guiness stars as Peter Ross, a World War II camera reconnaissance pilot, who crash lands in Malta with evidence that the Italians are building up forces for a major invasion of the island. Will Malta fall to the enemy?   This movie is set in 1942, when Chuck was just a boy trying to survive in the middle of a war zone.  Chuck will start us off by explaining the “quality” of life he enjoyed when this film took place.  This movie uses real WW2 reconnaissance video footage.

Reserve your seat HERE!