Welcome to the Republican Conservatives Ormond Beach Assembly. Our goal is to increase awareness of the Republican Party’s core values and to promote conservative principles!

Mission Statement

We are a grass roots organization with the objective of growing the Republican Conservative Values and disseminating its core values to the greater Ormond Beach, FL community. In addition, our purpose is to make our County and America strong through participating in and supporting Republican Conservative solutions to our country’s problems. We strongly believe that all area voters must be made aware of conservative ideas and solutions resulting in positive improvement on how all levels of government operate.

President’s Message

We, the citizens of this great Republic, the United States of America, are faced with a momentous task of restoring our Nation to its once great State. The insufferable actions of so many self serving Socialist Politicians under the guise of any American Party affiliation have declared the sacrifices of the “Brave” who paid the ultimate price to safeguard our Constitution and Bill of Rights as Null and Void. It is incumbent upon us as God fearing, God, Family and Country loving citizens, to do whatever it takes to support and elect people who are totally dedicated to represent us and, Govern by the “THE RULES OF LAW” and not by “THE RULES OF MAN”. Furthermore, whatever laws and dictates passed by our Legislators and, expected to be obeyed by the People, those rules of law dictated to, must adhere to the true content of that spirit: OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE”.
Chuck Collins, President.