Ladies & Gents,
Our Guest Speaker for this meeting is Candidate G.G. GALLOWAY seeking a US Representative seat for District 6. As you know the seat was vacated by Ron DeSantis who is running for US Senate seat vacated by Marco Rubio. If we are still serious about saving our Republic, it is a must that we attend these meetings, listen to Candidates and be prepared to ask the hard questions after their presentation. This is a great opportunity for us to vet our concerns. In the following months we shall have other Candidates as our guest speakers.
Before the meeting commences we shall first take care of business by expeditiously completing our ELECTION OF OFFICERS FOR YEAR 2016. After completing our elections TOM CORIALE, Coordinator of the Republican Volunteers Task Force shall speak to our members, thereafter, Mr. Galloway will address the members.
We have a full program so please, make a concentrated attempt to arrive no later than 1:15 pm….the meeting shall start promptly at 1:30 pm. Same Location: ORMOND BEACH PUBLIC LIBRARY, 30 S. BEACH STR. OB 32174.
Thank you.
Chuck Collins, President
Republican Club Ormond Beach Area.