Prior to our main event, Robert Littleton, our Member Coordinator, will address us to inform that he is now officially a Candidate for Ormond Beach City Commission, Zone 4. I’m sure that Rob, as he likes to be called, will have his BIO hand-outs for anyone interested. A message to our members with his credentials has already been transmitted.
Our Main Speaker: RAY SANCHEZ; other than being an absolute pure Conservative and, a totally dedicated American, He is one of the most knowledgeable Constitutional, Federalist Papers Guru amongst us. Ray is now running for a seat on the BOARD OF EDUCATION. We do desperately need people with high Moral family value standards to fill that post. Ray will present us with his BIO, his Goals, and plans going forward. After his presentation we shall open it to our usual Q/A session.
Our second speaker: From within our ranks, FAIR TAX local Coordinator ED CONNOR. I realize there may still be some confusion, hence, be prepared to listen to what ED has to say and be prepared to ask all the questions you have concerns with.
Thank you for your attention.
Chuck Collins, President