For our meeting we shall start with a brief from our VOLUSIA COUNTY COUNCIL DISTRICT #4. Councilperson HEATHER POST.

Our Keynote speaker is CS BENNETT. Below is his BIO.

CS Bennett’s Bio

Hailing from Philadelphia, CS Bennett is a decorated war veteran (Desert Shield/Desert Storm – United States Navy) and served aboard the nuclear carrier USS Nimitz and the USS Saratoga. He worked naval supply and naval intelligence. CS is a member of the American Legion, Post 45 in Palatka, Florida. He has degrees in the Social Sciences, Criminal Justice and Political Science/Public Administration. In 2012, CS graduated with honors from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville (Magna Cum Laude). Author resides in a small and colorful rural town named Interlachen, Florida (pronounced Inter-lock’n). He has 24 published books, is a national talk radio cohost, and is a columnist for several national political online news journals, along with one located in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is the former Vice Chairman of the Putnam County REC in Putnam County, Florida.


CS Bennett has been a mover and shaker operating quietly under the radar and is a sought-after speaker. His political books and newspaper columns helped flipped Putnam County from a blue county, and all blue board of county commissioners, to a red county, and all red board of county commissioners, for the first time in its history. His message is powerful, and one of enlightenment. CS is a family man and a world traveler. His classic political novels are Beyond The Founding Fathers’ Vision, By George, The Radicals Are Back, its sequel, America’s Original Radical, and The Conservative Prodigy. CS Bennett is a dynamic, passionate, and dedicated defender of the US Constitution and supporter of our military. You can find his latest novel, and other great works of his, on Barnes & Noble online bookstore and on