Meeting, February 25th, 2019

Hello Patriots,

Our meeting of February 25th; Mr. Ed Kelley, Chairman, Volusia County Council shall present and explain the proposed 1/2 cent tax. Knowing that this is an emotional item to many I am requesting that we; 1) keep it civil and to the point. Let’s not be jumping all over the chart. Subject matter is proposed 1/2 cent tax, period. Not roads, bridges, etc., etc., We’ll have Mr. Kelley back to cover those other items later.
2) As has been our custom for the last four years. Each person is allowed one question. If you have more we shall come back to you but, we want for everyone to have an opportunity to ask their question without someone else monopolizing all the time.

After Mr. Kelley we have Mr. Ed Connor who will follow up on another tax concern. So please, as you can see, this shall be chock full of concerns close and dear to our hearts. Bring in your pad & pen to write down your questions. FYI, if we can’t get all of our questions answered at the meeting, we can always follow through by messaging either Gentlemen.

Thank you for your attention and Support. God willing I shall see you on the 25th.

God bless the USA and all the Men & Women who are engaged within our Armed Forces ready to defend our Magnificent Republic.

Chuck Collins, President

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    February 24, 2019    


    1) Lead off with our OPENING prayer

    2) Allegiance to our Flag

    SPECIAL: We need to pause for one minute to honor and pray in our hearts for our Mentor and Compatriot, Chairman Tony Ledbetter, RECVC.

    3) Motion to accept the Minutes of our January 28th, 2019 Meeting.

    4) Treasurer’s report.

    5) Old business: We purchased a flowery wreath for Chairman Tony Ledbetter’s funeral. The cost was $233.65
    New business: Owner Carlos of La’s Bistro & Singer Danny G all agreed
    for a March 14th evening Social providing we receive a good turnout.

    6) Before moving forward, please silence whatever electronic device you brought in with you. Also, as is our custom, if you wish to ask a question please raise your hand. Shouting is not acceptable nor will it be recognized. Also, please keep in mind that you are allowed to ask “one” question. If you have more we’ll get back to you but, we want for everyone to have an opportunity without any one person monopolizing the time.

    7) Our First Speaker is Mr. ED KELLEY, Chairman, Volusia County Council. He shall cover the 1/2 cent tax proposal.
    When he completes his presentation we shall open the floor for questions.

    8) Hopefully time permitting; our own ED CONNOR will cover a high priority topic; STATE OF THE SWAMP…..aka SOS.

    9) Motion to adjourn.

    10) 50/50 drawing……….right after which comes our closing Hymn; GOD BLESS AMERICA.