Our meeting shall start as usual with our opening prayer, allegiance to our flag, and Club business matters.
Thereafter we shall take a short break to finish dinner. Meeting will resume by 6:45 pm.
Our first speaker is MARYANN PISTILLI Regional Voters Registration Director. She will go over our State of the Registration Drive in our area.

Our keynote Speaker/s: Royal Brown & Glynnda White.

Royal Brown

Thanks very much – We are excited about the opportunity – see you soon.
Royal & Glynnda, President & Activities Director, Winter Haven 912 Respectively.

Conservative activists and members of the Board of Directors of the Winter Haven 912 group, Lake Ashton Republican Club and Polk Republican Executive Committee who travel the state to educate others about the huge unconstitutional dangers of the Risk Protection Order codified into law in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act and what we need to do about it.   We are also both Army veterans.