Hello Patriots All,
We are very fortunate to have exciting and informative speakers for our June Meeting.
Since we have a good number of items to cover I might just go over our agenda while we are having dinner. Please keep in mind this will be our last meeting until SEPTEMBER.
Yes, communications shall be ongoing throughout the summer and, as long as you have access to a computer you will keep on receiving pertinent information as usual.

Our list of Speakers are:
1) Col. Skip Keating (Retired). Skip has accomplished huge amount of charitable projects in our area. His main trust however are projects that are close and dear to our hearts;  to assist and  help Veterans. He will briefly explain his role at the EMORY BENNETT VETERANS NURSING HOME.

2) TEENAGE REPUBLICANS CHAIRMAN, Duncan DeMarsh. Duncan will explain his role and goals going forward. He will introduce his Vice-President and, the Club’s History Coordinator who will present a short War Campaign topic.

3) FLORIDA FEDERATION COLLEGE REPUBLICANS CHAIRPERSON, Karis Lockhart. Karis will likewise explain her role within this immensely important organization and, their goals & expectations for our Republic.

4) THE NEW AMERICAN MAGAZINE; Foreign correspondent, ALEX NEWMAN is our Keynote Speaker. He shall cover behind the scenes work of GLOBALISM and, its detrimental properties to our CONSTITUTION. He shall be bringing his latest book he authored.
Come prepared, bring a note book, I can only guarantee that it will not be boring.
Please note; all invites are RSVP only. For all who responded, please ascertain your arrival no later that 6:00 pm. Preferably try and arrive before 6:00 pm so you can secure a close-in parking spot.

Thank you.

Chuck Collins, President
Republican Club Ormond Beach Area