After our opening prayer, pledge and Club matters, ROSLYNNE MALONSON of the EPOCH TIMES (A conservative News Media) shall address our members for about 5 minutes.
Thereafter, our main Speaker, RAY SANCHEZ shall present us with guidelines from the FEDERALIST PAPERS. This is an ongoing education of what was or, is supposed to be, as opposed to where we’re at in reference to our present CONGRESSIONAL Level.
Ladies & Gents, this is where it’s at. We need to stay cognizant of the chipping away of our Constitution and, the rule of law that our Founders intended for our Republic.
FYI…RAY SANCHEZ achievements:
Ray Sanchez is the founder of Volusia 912 Patriots – it started as a small group of patriots in February 2009 as “We Surround Them” which then grew to  Volusia 912 Patriots in March of same year. Now celebrating its 10 year anniversary! He resides here in Ormond Beach with his wife, Bettie. They have five children, 1 granddaughter and another grand baby on the way!

If you’re not familiar with Volusia 912, the group was the genesis of many good things here in the county. It expanded to include speakers from all over the globe, organize town halls, grow grassroots volunteers, create voter guides, vet candidates and help initiate the following with the aid of many great patriots:

 Billboard on I-95 to oust progressives and liberals in Congress in 2010 elections

Sunshine Examiner newsletter – Armando Escalante and Tom Gion

Election of Tony Ledbetter to Chairman of RECVC

Boots on the ground to campaign for good candidates like Ron DeSantis

Created massive influx of poll watchers and workers throughout the county – Tom & Nancy Coriale

Volusia Watchdogs Radio Show 

Local office for Americans For Prosperity

Patriot Camp for kids – Joyce Swihart, Pat Dewees, Donna Rembicz

Annual Memorial Day Granada Bridge Walk
Thank you, please be sure to answer our VP’s request for a quick response to the date’s invite.
God be with us all.
Chuck Collins, President