Hello Patriots,
Our next meeting is July 10th.
               601 W. Granada Blvd
               Ormond Beach, FL 362174

Time:    Social starts at 11:00 am
               Convocation, Allegiance to the Flag 11:50 am
               Lunch served at 12:00 pm
               Official meeting starts at: 12:45 pm
Invitation only by RSVP:
Our Meeting is open to all “CONSERVATIVES” truly concerned about our Republic.
RSVP is a must, contact person ROBYN COLLINS, EVENT ATTENDANCE DIRECTOR: robynrcoba@gmail.com, 386-441-7049.

RSVP DEADLINE: Friday, July 1st. 

Our Lunch Cost is presently $15 per person. Please make check for the total to: MOOSE LODGE. Or, bring in the “Correct” cash. 

“FACEMASK” as I’m informed by MOOSE LODGE, are no longer mandatory. However, if you feel comfortable wearing one please be sure to bring one with you.

Our Keynote Speaker: KCarl Smith.

KCarl Smith BIO:

KCarl is a nationally recognized author, speaker and the creator of the Frederick Douglass Republican Engagement Strategy™, a powerful and proven persuasive messaging approach—developed through years of real-world successes.

KCarl is considered the foremost expert on diversity outreach. For more than 12 years, he has empowered thousands of grassroots Conservatives, Republican Party precinct leaders, county and state leaders and candidates, with his proprietary, game-changing diversity outreach best practice.

KCarl served as a member of the Trump Presidential Campaign Coalition Advisory Board.

A former U.S. Army officer, KCarl has spoken to more than 300 Conservative, Republican and faith-based organizations. He has appeared on several national TV and radio talk shows.

KCarl is the author of the bestselling book, Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Re-Ignite American’s Passion for Liberty.

After listening to his speech, I would highly recommend you bring money with you to purchase his book. $20.

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Thank you all for your Patriotism. May God grant us the strength, courage and wisdom to do whatever it takes to restore our Republic to it’s once great State.

God Bless us all.
Chuck Collins, President