Speakers for our October meeting:

MARILYN FORD, Vice Chair, RECVC. Mrs. Ford will assist us understanding what is at stake with the amendments on our ballots. Please be certain to bring in a notepad with you.

STEPHANIE BENEDICT: Staff member of the TOM LEEKS re-election campaign will address members.

ED CONNOR: Mr. Connor is the Guru of the FAIR TAX that we’ve been pushing and supporting for a number of years. Mr. Conner will be covering this very interesting topic in segments, far too much information for one sitting with questions. Hence, this Monday shall be the first installment. You will definitely need to take notes.

Please make every effort to arrive by 5:30 pm or very shortly thereafter. We want to start the meeting in an orderly fashion and prevent it from running overtime.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.

Chuck Collins, President