This shall be one of our more important meetings, as we shall be preparing for our huge election of 2020. The meeting, with one exception, shall consist of WORK SHOP electoral,
Club and, RECVC updates. We shall listen to Leaders from Different areas explain and detail immediate, high priority processes critical to our Republic’s well being. Please be sure to bring in a notepad with you to take necessary notes.
Our participating Instructors shall be:
1) Paul Deering
2) Tom & Nancy Coriale
3) Vic Baker
4) Providing Time allows: Cathy Webb, phone application.

The only exception during this meeting: We shall introduce a gentleman, MATT METZ who is a Candidate and running for PUBLIC DEFENDER’s Office, District #7.

It is imperative that you make every effort to attend this meeting, unless other circumstances make it absolutely difficult to manage.
Thank you for your attention and devotion to our REPUBLIC.
God bless,

Chuck Collins, President