Our distinguished guest speakers for our meeting are: CLARIS MAC’KIE, Consultant of FAMILY RENEW, also, the new Executive Director, TONY DEOBIL.
After their presentation and the Q/A session we shall move on to our business at hand. Tony Ledbetter, Chairman of RECVC will address the members and bring us up to date with the Political environment and where we stand going forward.
Please note: for this month’s meeting we shall be at the ORMOND BEACH PUBLIC LIBRARY, 30 S. Beach St. OB 32174. Start time 1:30 pm sharp. Please arrive by 1:15 for easy parking and so everyone is seated to start in an orderly fashion. Should you need to attend to members services such as, bringing in your yearly club application form with your yearly dues, please make the effort to arrive by 1:00 pm.

As you know, next month (April) our location, day (date) and start time will change. We will broadcast all necessary information in ample time prior to our meeting.
Stay the course, and while we work hard to save our Republic and our cherished constitution from those who wish to destroy it, please remember always, pray for our country’s well being and, for those who are still putting their lives in harm’s way to safeguard our Nation and its many citizens of good will.

God bless,

Chuck Collins, President