Mission Statement

We are a grass roots organization with the objective of growing the Republican Party and disseminating its core values to the greater Ormond Beach, FL community.

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President's Message

Thank you for being a Republican. We have much to do to get our country back to its founding principles...

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Upcoming Events

Built-In Contact Page with Google Map for our regular meetings. Find out who our latest speaker is...

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Meeting, June 26th, 2017


Hello Patriots All, We are very fortunate to have exciting and informative speakers for our June Meeting. Since we have a good number of items to cover I might just go over our agenda while we are having dinner. Please keep in mind this will be our last meeting until SEPTEMBER. Yes, communications shall be […]

Meeting, May 22nd, 2017

Homer, Alaska, United States --- Bald Eagle in mid-air flight over Homer Spit Kenai Peninsula Alaska Winter --- Image by © AlaskaStock/Corbis

Our Keybnote speaker; C.S. BENNET, Author/Vice Chairman Putnam County REC/National Talk Radio Host/National Columnist/Decorated Gulf War Veteran/Patriot. Start Time 6:00 PM for dinner…..Meeting will start at 7:00 PM sharp. Please make all attempts to arrive before 6:00 PM so that everyone is seated for dinner. Please note; all invites & attendance are by RSVP only. […]