Meeting, Nov., 6th, 2021

Hello Patriots,
Our next meeting is November 6th, Saturday
               601 W. Granada Blvd
               Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Time:    Social starts at 11:00 am
               Convocation, Allegiance to the Flag 11:30 am
               Lunch served at 11:45 pm
               Official meeting starts at: 12:30 pm or before .. depending how fast lunch proceeds.
Invitation by RSVP only!
Our Meeting is open to all “CONSERVATIVES” truly concerned about our Republic.
RSVP is a must, contact person: ROBYN COLLINS, EVENT ATTENDANCE DIRECTOR: or, call 386-441-7049.

Deadline for responding to Meeting Invitation: 10.30.2021 (Saturday)

Our Keynote Speaker: JONATHAN DUNNE (From Ireland)

I am an Irishman who promotes the IDEA of American Exceptionalism via my weekly show on The Blaze Media called Freedoms Disciple.  

I am traveling to America on August 28th, researching a book and speaking with different groups until Christmas. I have included a bio below.  

An Irishman Promoting American Exceptionalism!!! 

Jonathon Dunne is a keynote speaker who discusses American history and explains how America helped the world take a 5000-year leap. It was not by chance or accident – it happened because your nation promoted basic first principles and the law of Nature. He compares America to other countries and ideologies and examines why they struggle to make the impact America has. 


  • Host on The Blaze Media, speaker, and writer, has reached millions with his inspiring message of American exceptionalism 
  • Born and raised in Ireland, where the government is always the answer.  
  • Witnessed the actual results of extensive government programs – financial poverty, hope, and opportunity deprivation, and crushing people’s spirits. 
  • One lifelong dream – to become an American citizen 
  • The dream came close in 2017 when Glenn Beck offered him a researchers position, but he failed to meet a work visa criteria due to not holding a college degree. 
  • Strong, positive voice in times of political uncertainty, where governments steal God-given rights in the name of safety from Coronavirus 
  • Warns of future power grabs in the name of climate change, The Great Reset, and vaccine passports 
  • Works to encourage Americans to once again be that “shining city on a hill” promoting our individual inalienable rights 
  • Currently studying for a Diploma of Biblical Studies & Christian Ministry 



The average presentation for political groups is approximately 40 minutes, followed by a Q&A session.  The following themes are included in all presentations: 

  • The IDEA of America – making the impossible possible 
  • Trilogy of Freedom and how/why they are kryptonite to tyranny 
    • Declaration of Independence 
    • US Constitution 
    • US Bill of Rights 
  • Divine Providence – the importance of faith in the founding 

Jonathon is also available for full-day or half-day educational engagements to dive deeper into why America’s journey happened and how it changed the world for the better. 


Jonathon speaks for free for two main reasons: 

  • Legal/taxation – US visa does not allow him to work or seek work 
  • Budgets – Coronavirus has depleted many groups’ finances, and this should not block his message 

The upcoming US speaking tour will cost approximately $20,000Donations will be welcomed via an online fundraiser from any group/individual wishing to support Jonathon’s tour.  ALL donations will cover essential and basic travel costs — airfare, lodging, and local transportation.  


Cypress Hill Tea Party   

YAL North Carolina – General (Start at the 9-minute mark)   

Tyler GAWTP   

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Yours in Liberty,

Jonathon Dunne