Minutes, September 2019

RCOBA Sept 23, 2019
The meeting was called to order by our President Chuck Collins
Cal Gordon our VP led in our prayer
William Hether led in the Pledge of Allegiance
Motion to accept the minutes Price Youngman, 2nd Mike Casey, motion carried
New Business
Lincoln Day Dinner -our Club has 6 tables
Voter registration booth at the casement King of the Grill-Sat.Sept. 28,2019
Cathy Webb needs Volunteers to help with this endeavor
Cal Gordon handles all of menus etc., please contact him immediately with your selections when you receive his e-mail
Dr. Costello introduced William Hether, from Volusia TARS
William was born on Veterans Day, he is a member of Vietnam Veterans as his father was a Vietnam Vet, Works at Volusia Country Fair with the Animals
Historians of TARS
William gave a wonderful talk about 911 after much research on his part and visiting the Freedom Tower at WTC
2916 people lost their lives
345 fire fighters were among them
18 people were rescued
1/2 million people moved from New York
Countries came together
Russian gave us the Tear Drop Memorial
William was able to talk with people who were there
Every single piece of metal found had to be numbered
Word to describe it horrendous-people, pain and funerals
New York rebuilt One World Trade Center-1776 feet tall and is the Western Hemispheres tallest building
They say Never bet against New York, I say never bet against America!
Alex Newman, World Wide Journalist, was our keynote speaker and these are highlights from his message
Saving our Freedoms by Rescuing our Children
Something is wrong in the Public School Sytem
3/4 of the people want the government to control
He alone who owns the youth, gains the future
Crime for parent to teach their own children
Who do children belong to-children belong to communities-official policy of Obama
Brainwashing and killing babies
George H W Bush United Nations and the new world order
Use U.N. peacekeeping forces
Take everything God created and turn it upside down
All happened through the SCHOOL SYSTEM brain washing your children
Agenda 21 climate agenda, pushed by Bush and Pelosi
Education is critical to changing people’s attitude
U N Conference on sustainable development
U N 2030- children are critical agents to create a better world
Global socialism
By 2030 sustainable development begins with education
20 years ago,in 1990, same sex could not marry
20 years later homosexual marriage
Teaching Children about man made global warming and that carbon dioxide ruining the planet
The globes warming-Climate Action being taught in the Classroom
Charlotte Iserbyt, formerly worked in Dept. Of Education, learned schools purposely changing thoughts, actions, feelings of students
In California, guiding kid to gender identity in school
Teaching pedophilia to children
27 percent of California children are gender non conforming
Common core standards are written to reflect very low standards
Negative effects in reading and math with common core
Most college students think America invented slavery
Educational progress-50% barely literate
Bill Gates is the single biggest taxpayer on Common Core-Globalist Education
80% of Christian children leaving church
Get your kids out of school AND Homeschool your kids
Bible Proverbs 22:6 and Proverbs 9:10
2.5 kids are home schooled
Home schooled children are 90 percent smarter than kids going to Public School
Need exodus from public schools
Ephesians 6 :12 spiritual battle
Our freedom, country , churches and families on the line
Motion to adjourn- Bob Guidotti, 2nd Mike Troutman
50-50, $103, won by Vicki Copeland
Respectfully submitted,
Pam FItzgerald
Secretary, RCOBA