Minutes, Meeting June 24th, 2019

Republican Club of Ormond Beach June 24, 2019

Meeting called to order by our President Chuck Collins
Opening Prayer led by Chuck Collins
Pledge of Allegiance -Phil Walko, guest from NC
Motion to accept Minutes of our May 20, 2019 by Bob Guidotti, 2nd Cal Gordon, motion carried
Treasurers report-Dick Gosch- Present Balance $4196.46, $35 collected at our June meeting in the young Republicans bucket.
Chucked Welcomed all Elect Officials and Visitors
No Old Business
New Business-Lincoln Day Dinner-Nov.3, 2019-Speaker-Dan Bangino
Chuck had Flyers printed with actual dates and circumstances of Black Republicans to give out to people when we talked to them at Daytona State, Bethune-Cookman and anyone we may want to share with, for them to see what these Republicans did and sacrificed
Motion to donate $300 to Teenage Republican Club to help send to National Convention by Ed Conner, 2nd Mike Casey-motion carried
Kay Paciello-Is now corresponding Secretary, sending out get well and sympathy cards
Tim Ryan-Club Membership Chairman- wants to do a project-precient 510 M-5 call strong republicans 5-6:30 and introduce ourselves and see if any individual wants to come as a quest to a meeting, if not, be a volunteer, invite them to go to and make a contribution
Next month 2 speakers-explaining importance of Electoral College
Our Keynote Speaker -John Michael Chambers was introduced by Chuck Collins:
Not business as usual in America
Distrust is uncomfortable
The Storm is upon us
Expose secret societies
Deep state-influences CIA , NSA, FBI and others involved in control of people
New world order now Globalism
Living in a post constitutional government
Circumventing our constitution
Multiple plots against this Pres., Lastest is Mueller mess
Trump is exposing a corrupt syndicate
This is an intelligence battle
What is Trump doing-preparing Americans and people of the world to look at these evil, bad things
Has intelligence on all of these things
Great Awaking-Venezuela is starving and that is due to socialism
America is starving for truth
Buddhist quote-3 things that can’t be hidden-Sun, Moon and the Truth
Schools shootings-reaction-fear for children and grandchildren
Liberal Solution-take guns away
Oklahoma Bombing
Waco Texas
Las Vegas
Building number 7-world trade center
Great awakening
6 major corps control info we rec-they lean to the left:
Murdoch owns FOX
Disney bought FOX
Paul Ryan on Disney Board
Gave us FOX to give us an illusion-After monologues you have to watch reports on CNN, ABC, CBS criticizing the Pres.
Build an alternative soar of resources -One America News, Greg Hunter, Allen Keyes
Mike Troutman made a motion to adjourn, 2nd Bob Guidotti
50-50 won by Phil Walko, Donated to our Club
Closed with God Bless America, led by Robyn Collins
Respectfully submitted,
Pam Fitzgerald