Minutes April 2019

RCOBA April 29, 2019 La’s Bistro

Meeting called to order at 6pm by our President Chuck Collins
Opening Prayer Chuck Collins, Pledge of Allegiance-Tim Ryan
Adoption of Minutes for March 25, 2019-1st Ben Fitzpatrick, 2nd Bob Guidotti
Treasurer’s Report-Dick Gosch-Balance as of March 31, 2019, $4111.45
Tim Ryan-Introduction of Guests-Marie Halpin, Dr. Howard Pranikoff, Meryl Heather, Sue Higgins, elected Officials attending Dwight Shelby,
Rob Littleton,New Members John Ross, Richard Barlett, William Heather
Old Business-None
New Business-May meeting will be May 20th because of Memorial Day. Be on lookout for messages from Cal Gordon
Cathy Webb-Event Chairman for Ormond Beach
Membership cards to give out to Prospects of like minded CONSERVATIVES
Points of interest-William Heather elected Historian of Volusia County Teenage Republican Club
Introduction of speaker-Loren Spivak by Ed Connor
What does the left side believe? I’ll explain them to you, the Left does not have principles
Principals are something that apply all the time to everybody
Modern American left started out on college campus as a free speech movement, now they do everything to stop it
Socialism- what exactly are the principles behind it, somebody imposing his will on everybody else
Bernie Sanders has a vision for your life, wants to force it down your throat
They don’t care how your life is run, what matters is that they are in the drivers seat
What is the LEFT-a cult of power
Our Congress voted, a man who says he is a woman is a woman
Battle is between principles and no principles
FREE SPEECH has never been so endangered as it is today in the USA
Biggest political issue in Europe today is the immigration of millions and millions
In Britain you will get 2 years in prison for hate speech
Truth is not a defense-If truth offends someone it is a crime
Lefts #1 goal is to end free speech in America-every Democrat in Congress voted for it
Dems say White supremist is the biggest problem in America today
What causes white supermist is free speech
We better fight like there is no tomorrow
Right to self defense is a fundamental human right
Our judges just want to apply the law and the other side just makes up what they want to happen
Motion to adjourn-Bob Guidotti, 2nd Regan Foot
20/20 won by-Bob Smith
Book donated by Ken Becht, The Case for Trump, by Victor Davis Hanson was won by Pam Fitzgerald
Closed our meeting with the singing of God Bless America, led by Robyn Collins
Respectfully submitted,
Pam Fitzgerald