RCOBA MEETING September 1, 2020

Our President, Chuck Collins, opened the meeting with prayer

Alex Newman led us in the Pledge of Allegiance

24 guests were recognized

Chuck introduced candidates and elected officials

Motion to accept the minutes- Bob Vaeth, 2nd Marie Halpin

Treasures Report-Dick Gosch-$ 5,380.64 in the bank as of July 31st

Chuck introduced the following candidates and gave them a minute to speak-Barbara Bonarrigo, Volusia County Council Dist 4, Rob Littleton,running for re-election

City Commissioner Zone 4

Bill Partington-Mayor of Volusia County, running for re-election

Jeff Brower- running for Volusia County Chair

Dwight Selby-running for re-election-commissioner, Zone 1

Barbara Deering -running for Volusia Soil and Water Conservation District, seat 4.

David Romeo-running for Ormond Beach City Commissioner Zone 4

John Nelson- running for Volusia Soil and Water Conservation District, seat 2

Dick Gosch was Nominated to be the interim Vice President, as our VP, Cal Gordon resigned for personal reasons.

Tim Ryan moved to close nominations and second by Ben Fitzpatrick

Paul Deering-Chairman RECVC-installed Dick

Chuck introduced our speaker, Alex Newman.

He is an award winning Journalists, Author and Educator who seeks to glorify God in everything he does.

He works to protect the US Constitution by trying to educate the public along with other conservative organization.

In 2019 he formed, along with other conservative leaders, Public School Exit.

Why do young people hate our country and religion-they are being brainwashed.

In a generation or two we are going to be Venezuela

Secret weapon to destroy our nation -education

1st amendment NOT INTENTED to stop prayer

1963 no more Bibles in public schools

Idea of God is prosperous for Millennials

God says a lot about education in the Bible Prov 9:10 ,1:7, Hosea 4:6

Wisdom begins with the Fear of the Lord

Children are begin indoctrinated by liberals in school-bottom line get your children OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL.

People elected to ofc and create their own system and they think we should follow.

Chuck spoke to us briefly after Alex, warning us again-Fascism-you do what I say or you go to jail. Nazism-you do what we say or we burn down and take statues-awful what is happening with our country because we are letting them get away with it

As assuredly as I know the Heavenly Father loves you so do I.

Motion to adjourn – Joe Deblasio, 2nd Bob Guidotti

50-50 was $73 and won by Carolyn Holbrook
. Robyn Collins led us in the singing-GOD BLESS AMERICA

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Fitzgerald, Secretary