Meeting, Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Hello Patriots,
May I first start by thanking God for sparing us from this dreadful Chinese Sabotage Virus. Now, let us get on with our lives. This scheduled meeting shall take place at our new site:
601 W. Granada Blvd
Ormond Beach, FL 32174


As you enter the Ballroom area please be ready to pay for your meals. There will be two gentlemen at the front desk. The Cost of the dinner is $15 per person. Again, please, bring in the right change or, better yet, make your check out to MOOSE LODGE #1263. In the check’s memo section enter; Meeting dinner. We are not making a dime on this transaction. We are providing all the working volunteers to help keep our dinner cost at $15.

Dinner starts by 5:30 pm……….Food distribution closed at 6:30 pm. Please note; Food shall be served by volunteers wearing masks and gloves. As you approach the table please only pick up your plate, the rest will be handed to you. Another very important item; Do not approach the food table until you are ready to be served. You can select whatever food or portion you may want.
For those that wish to purchase wine, beer, etc., you will be directed to the corner of the ballroom where a WINDOW opens into the lower Bar. You pay as you go. Whatever you order, you pay for immediately. Management is not placing any limits on anyone.  FYI, Credit Card may be used at the bar. That said, Credit Cards are not accepted for dinner payments.

The Meeting shall officially start at 6:45 pm.

Our Speakers for this meeting:
1) MaryAnn Pistilli, Voter Registration Regional Director. She may have with her two of her working compatriots, Sandi  Hodgden and Kathy Pugh. This team is working diligently to stock up our most POTENT WEAPON for our coming election. THE VOTE!

2) Barbara Bonarrigo, running Candidate for VOLUSIA COUNTY COUNCILWOMAN DISTRICT #4.
Folks, in regards to the Candidates running for VOLUSIA COUNTY OFFICES you should prepare pertinent questions to ask for our County needs/concerns. Please, let us not waste and consume time with complaints. You want to change things and have your concerns addressed in a timely fashion, then get involved, participate, and be sure you vote for the right person meeting those goals. Complaints just fall on deaf ears. Action always speaks louder than words……..come prepared with Constructive concerns moving forward.

3) Representative David Santiago. He is running for the TAX COLLECTOR OFFICE. David’s term as Representative ends this year.

As Always, clasped by my passionate love for our Republic and, it’s hard fought gains for our Liberty & Freedom…..I shall always remain your American compatriot….
God bless. Thank you for your support and Patriotism.

God, Family, Country
Chuck Collins, President