Fax to our Senators, June 2019

Chuck Collins, President                                                                                                                        Republican Club Ormond Beach Area
P.O. BOX 2821
Ormond Beach, FL 32175


Dear Senator,
Before getting into the message please take note: “Attached, are Club members who requested that I write to our Senators and include them as huge concerned participants in the content of the message below. I passed the message by them prior to my faxing it to you”….Please note: in so doing I asked if they concurred with the content of the message. They all agreed for me to submit the message herein as is. Hence, this is being submitted as a PETITION from our Club.


We find it repulsive that we have rogue Republicans, more in line with RINOS, who have the audacity to block our President’s effort to have MEXICO, one of the most corrupt drug Nation on the planet, help with stopping the illegal caravans going right through their Country to enter the USA illegally. One might ask; “Why isn’t Mexico doing more, after all these folks are traveling through their country with no passports, visas, or any authorization documents, they roam around freely & unhindered. The answer is clear; “Because Mexico does not give a damn”……….and the actions by our Republican Senators is akin to Mexico’s general attitude”. I used the word “Repulsive”, frankly that is far too mild to depict “our” general feeling of betrayal by our purported Conservative Party Members. Our general feeling is; We are being constantly stabbed in the back, for what may we ask?! For heaven’s sake, if this border crisis is not an absolute huge security breach than we don’t know what is.
Our Republic has now reached a very dangerous precipice and, it’s looking straight down into a Socialist doomed oblivion. Please have the courage to stand with our President and help him with the only option he now has available to stop this damnation.
Thank you for your attention.
Chuck Collins, President

Listed are Club Members participating in this PETITION.

Albert, Don albert0367@aol.com 386-451-6653, 451-1351
Bartlett, Kris tomokajo@bellsouth.net 386-615-9561 cell: 299-7892
Becht, Ken kenbecht@yahoo.com 386-290-7503
Black, Peggy pblack@gmail.com C-386-212-7284
Blum, Jack yourunclejack@yahoo.com H 386-310-7755  Cell 732-754-4539
Brinley Joy joy.brinley@gmail.com 813-695-0110
Brinley, Mike joy.brinley@gmail.com 813-300-2000
Casey, Michael dbguru001@bellsouth.net 305-790-7457
Ceckowski, Ann design1@cfl.rr.com  286-615-3999
Collins, Robyn bratso15@aol.com 386-441-7049
Comeau, Judith comeaudad@gmail.com 386-236-9602
Comeau, Ron comeaudad@gmail.com 386-236-9602
Costello, Fred fredcdds@aol.com  C 386-451-1558
Cregan, Carolyn bayouroadfour@yahoo.com (423) 991-6058
Cregan Dan bayouroadfour@yahoo.com (423) 991-6058
Eskew, Shirley tribesq@yahoo.com C Her: 386-682-9098
Eskew, Carl tribesq@yahoo.com C: 386-405-0307
Estep, Jennifer jen730@yahoo.com  740-872-3412
Faenza, Mary maryrita919@gmail.com 386-677-9734, 386-214-4597
Fitzgerald, Pam dfitzgerald23@cfl.rr.com (Dan) 386-677-1594 (Pam)  523-7097
Fitzgerald, Dan dfitzgerald23@cfl.rr.com (Dan) 386-677-1594 (Pam)  523-7097
Fitzpatrick, Ben brfitzpatrick23@msn.com (H)386-492-3782, (C)386-679-6889
Foot, Regan beachnut9949@aol.com H-386-441-3224 C-386-871-4755
Gillies, Sally sgillies12@gmail.com 386-689-3007
Guidotti, Linda rwguido@bellsouth.net B-386-341-4493 L386-212-3533
Guidotti, Robert rwguido@bellsouth.net 386-341-4493
Handwerker, Steven, Dr. peacewk@peacewk.org  561-371-0412
Jennings, Ann river886@aol.com 306-671-2953
King, (Colonel) William billking9644@gmail.com 386-672-8118 © 871-7606
King, Isabella billking9644@gmail.com 386-672-8118 © 871-7606
McKernan, Judee riverjbmgtm@gmail.com 386-451-6528
Michnowicz, Dolores (Dede) dmichnowicz@cfl.rr.com 386-441-8264
Nay, Jeff Novell2NT@aol.com 954-258-6330
Nay, Sandi NurseSandi1@gmail.com 386-517-3843
Paciello, Kay alkay26@hotmail.com 386-441-7317 & 386-233-5728
Partington II, William, E. ahc_locksmith@hotmail.com 386-566-3004
Ross, John jross4vb@gmail.com 619-248-2535
Ryan, Tim rcoba2019@gmail.com  386-307-2958
Sanker, Carol csanker1324@gmail.com H-386-615-8501 C-386-500-6635
Smith, Bob bobsmith5@aol.com 678-618-7980
Smith, Kathryn bobsmith5@aol.com 678-300-4484
Torres, Linda ltorres1853@yahoo.com 786-405-5760
Torres, Rudy ltorres1853@yahoo.com 904-347-3908
Webb, Cathy catanwb@outlook.com 704-930-1497
Youngman, Price priceyoungman@hotmail.com C-86-846-7728 H-386-256-0493